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If I Had This in Kindergarten, I'd Be Published by Now. is a site that teaches basic phonics, word parts, spelling, reading and pronunciation. The site is designed for children but adult literacy students can use it as well. With animation, songs, mouse over audio, and a fun and easy to navigate structure, is a must see for anyone interested in mastering the basic reading skills of English.

Pronunciation, Spelling, Video, Audio and Interactive Reading Lessons is similar to Readingbear is a little different in that is more focused on reading than the sounds of the individual letters of the alphabet. Starfall is appropriate for illiterate through beginning readers whereas Readingbear would be more appropriate for students that know their alphabet sounds but are ready to start reading. It requires a free registration, which makes it not as accessible as Starfall, but if you have an email address it only takes a minute. The registration also provides you with a bonus feature. Your progress through the program levels is recorded to keep users on track.