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English Basic Fact Sheet

Vocaroo for Easy Voice Recording

Practice your pronunciation with this simple and free online voice recorder. 

Powered by Vocaroo Voice Recorder

The Electric Company Songs

The Electric Company was the show kids watched when they became too old for Sesame Street. There were some great musical guests and some future super stars on this show. (The Menu Song is one of my favorites!

Here is a playlist of 50 songs from the show. All of them are educational and fun to watch and listen to. Enjoy!

Animated Children Songs

Image has a big collection of readers and animated songs for children and English Learners.

Grammar Monster

Simple Grammar explanations. Click below for Grammar made easy...

Youtube Channel for

Image is affiliated with a Youtube channel full of great ESL videos. Listen and repeat regular verbs, practice punctuation and become familiar with sentence patterns. 

Songs in English with Lyrics

Practice listening, pronunciation and have fun all at the same time. Click the link above or below to listen to songs with lyrics!

Word Order in English Sentences

This list comes from a great website that has helped many of my students.
Word OrderIntroductionPositive sentencesNegative sentencesSubordinate clausesPosition of time expressionsPosition of adverbsQuestions
The links above will take you to simple explanations of the sentence structures in English.

English Pronunciation Practice

Conversation Questions for English Students from ITESL